Waiver for Optic Cerakote (please print a copy and submit with order)

Code 1 Tactical
Optics and Riflescope Waiver
Due to the high cost and potential damage involved with the decoration of optics and riflescopes  Code 1 Tactical has instituted a formal waiver policy and product release that will be required to be signed and returned before your product can be processed. This policy will extend to all optical related items.
During our process your product will also be exposed to multiple solvents from the coating and actual decorating operations. These solvents may have adverse reactions with the gaskets and seals within the product. These solvents may or may not affect the long term usability of your product.
The racking, fixturing and handling that our process requires generally involves masking or mounting in the lens areas. Although reasonable care will be taken to avoid any damage to the lens, the lens surfaces will require cleaning after our process. There is potential for small amounts of coating overspray to come in contact with the lens surfaces. Code 1 Tactical will not clean the lens areas after processing. You will be required to clean your lenses once completed. This may or may not affect the lenses of your product.
By signing and returning this waiver you, and the company you represent, accept the inherent risks involved with the decoration of your product and release Code 1 Tactical from all product liability.  You also acknowledge that Code 1 Tactical is responsible for decorative workmanship only and in no case will Code 1 Tactical assume any potential liability beyond the cost of the decoration.
Code 1 Tactical highly suggests that you check with the manufacturer of your optic to understand the warranty provisions and how the Cerakote coating process might change the manufacturer’s willingness to guarantee their product;
I understand that if damage occurs during the decorating process, the manufacturer may void the warranty on my scope and I will not hold Code 1 Tactical liable if the scope fails.

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